Valet Packages

Full Valet

Our full valet service would include all the relevant cleaning for the interior and exterior before a vehicle going into storage. This is a more thorough service compared to the general storage preparation.

This includes a thorough cleaning of the vehicles exterior including the arches, seals, drainage channels and door shuts. After a chemical decontamination the vehicle is then hand waxed using a high quality wax. The interior is thoroughly cleaned using the appropriate methods for the vehicle at hand from top to bottom ensuring a clean and fresh finish for going into storage.

Specialist cleaners are used based on the paint type, brightwork and braking system (Ceramic brakes).
Each vehicle is cleaned specifically to that vehicle.

£75 +VAT / vehicle

Show Prep

Our Show Prep service is the perfect selection for bringing a car out of storage and straight into shows.

This includes the aspects of a full valet with the addition of further time spent on the exterior of the vehicle and engine bay. Specific attention is paid to ensuring the paintwork is as contaminant free as can be before cleansing and waxing for a clean, impressive show finish. The engine bay and other harder to reach intricate areas receive the time and attention to ensure you can pop the bonnet with confidence of a show worthy appearance. This includes a higher grade wax used based around Concours finished – This is based on a well kept vehicle needing just the final 10%.

£150.00 +VAT Per Vehicle (Additional work upon agreement may incur charges)

Light Dusting

At shows and events where light dusting is needed to keep the vehicle show worthy and finger print free we provide a discreet or open service where the vehicles are maintain prior too and throughout the event.


Additional Valet Services

Machine polishing- Ceramic Coatings by Certified installer – Paint refinishing all available at request and after assessment of Vehicle. All vehicles undergo a paint health check before any machine work is ever carried out.
Fabric roof protection can also be installed.



Please email: or call: +447983599614 to discuss your requirements.