About Us


How do I get my car to you?
  • You can deliver your vehicle or have it transported to our facility. Articulated transporters can access our facility.
  • Collection service. POA.
How do I pick up my car?
  • You can collect your vehicle personally. Owners vehicle parking available outdoors.
  • We can collect you from Inverness airport and transport you to our facility.
  • Delivery POA.
What notice do I need to give to pick up my car?
  • We ask for a minimum of 48 hours’ notice, unless you have other specific requirements. We will always try to be as flexible as possible. We are open 7 days a week.
Is trickle charging available?
  • Yes at all times.
Is the facility dehumidified?
  • The main shed is not, however we offer dehumidified air chambers as an extra service.
What does an air chamber do?
  • The air chamber works by circulating up to 50,000 litres of clean air per hour throughout the storage cell whilst electrostatic filters trap even the smallest airborne particles. Excess moisture and stale air leave via zips and vents. Replenished by fresh, filtered air from the fans, the environment will always remain fresh, as well as condensation-free (because rapid changes in temperature are prevented). With a virtually moisture-free atmosphere, rust and mould simply cannot develop. This helps prevent materials like wood, leather and rubber from losing their natural qualities.
What sort of security do you have?
  • Obviously, we don’t give too many details. Our facilities have a high level of physical and electronic security
How does the insurance work?
  • Cars should be insured by their owners for third party fire and theft.
  • Plus Hangar96 has its own motor trade insurance
How far is the car moved?
  • Cars will be moved within our facility. Further exercising is by request of the owner and can be discussed.
How can I pay?
  • All payments to be made by bank transfer prior to initial storage. Following payments to be by bank transfer monthly in advance.
  • Minimum 1(one) month storage.


Please email: info@hangar96.co.uk or call: +447983599614 to discuss your requirements.